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Community Radio stations in Leicester have been awarded the license to run the new DAB multiplex for Leicester by Ofcom. As a collaboration between EAVA FM, Kohinoor Radio, LCR2, Radio2Funky and Takeover Radio, Leicester Digital Partnership CIC has started test broadcasts of the new digital radio multiplex service for Leicester, and from Sunday 19th March 2023 new radio services will commence.

Stations Being Carried: Individual receiver sets may need to be 'rescanned' or 'retuned' to receive them.

BritAsia: Urban music station for 16-35’s

Kohinoor Radio: For the Punjabi speaking Community of all ages (64k DAB Stereo).

Leicester Community Radio 1: For English Speaking over 35’s in the Leicester Urban area with an Ofcom obligation to provide programming for the Afro-Caribbean community (80k DAB Stereo).

Leicester Community Radio 2: For English speaking over 25s who are concerned with or affected by wellbeing issues.

Nishaan Radio: Serving the Sikh Community with Dharmic programmes (48k DAB Mono).

Panj Pani: Panj Pani Radio serves the Punjabi-speaking communities of Leicester (48k DAB Mono).

Radio2Funky: Leicester's Black Music & Arts Station (64k DAB Stereo).

Radio Seerah: Leicester’s largest Muslim community radio station (64k DAB Mono).

Ramadan Radio: UK’s premier Islamic Radio Station (48k DAB Mono)

We will be recruiting additional radio services that complement the mix of stations that are already signed-up to be on DAB in Leicester. This platform has provision for additional radio stations to broadcast that will benefit residents and people travelling in Leicester.

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Press Statement

For more information, please contact Dr Rob Watson


Call: 07483359511

This is our expected coverage of Leicester (subject to confirmation with Ofcom)

Leicester Digital Partnership CIC 14004914

Licenced to Opperate SSDAB Service by Ofcom DS104599BA/1